Look at this pussy – Le compte Instagram qui se moque de la censure


Comme beaucoup de réseaux sociaux, Instagram possède une politique de censure très stricte. Pourtant le compte @look_at_this_pusssy affiche chaque jour de nouvelles photos dévoilant clitoris, vagin et autres parties du sexe féminin. 

En réalité il ne s’agit que de détournements d’objets du quotidien, de vêtements ou encore de paysages. En effet, alors qu’Eva Sealove et Chelsea Jones, deux féministes, s’envoyaient régulièrement des photos d’objets faisant penser à des vulves, elles ont décidé de partager ces dernières sur internet.

Avec @look_at_this_pusssy (comprenez « Regarde cette chatte ») elles espèrent désacraliser le sexe des femmes et en détruire les tabous construits autour.

A lire aussi : Saurez-vous trouver quels objets se cachent derrière cet objectif ? 

Eva et Chelsea rassemblent aujourd’hui plus de 140 000 abonnés sur Instagram.

Have you heard the brand new breaking news that hormonal birth control is “likely to cause depression"?! ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME?! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Yes, hormonal birth control is liberating and its availability initially represented “one small step for womyn, one vagiant leap for womynkind” and we should HAVE ACCESS TO IT AS A MATTER OF CIVIL RIGHTS, but it should be better and safer than this and we should have more options!!!!!! Of course this is not the case for everyone, but “anecdotally” (aka in my own experience and in the experience of those close to me), the pill has caused paranoia, body dysmorphia, insomnia, mania, rage, mood swings, depersonalization, complete and utter despondency, suicidal ideation, chronic urinary tract infections, physical weakness, loss of sex drive, serious downtrend of mental, physical and emotional health and everybody fucking knows this already. Ask most women and they will tell you a story about a pill that “made them crazy.” This isn’t just in our heads. The pill “works” insofar as it’s effective at preventing pregnancy and menstrual cramps. You know what doesn’t work? Crying on the way to work every morning and not knowing why, feeling angry and irritable for no reason and hurting those close to you, feeling out of control, feeling like your body has been hijacked, having panic attacks, suffering with a life-threatening blood clot, looking in the mirror and seeing someone you don’t recognize, feeling cursed, like you wish you could just wake up dead tomorrow, having this experience remain “anecdotal” because nobody fucking cares enough about our mental health and wellbeing to study these effects in any substantive way and it’s 2016 and just now, we receive the breaking news from on high that the pill is “likely” to cause depression. Talk to me about your experiences with it. @babe__lin

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Everyone freed as you are freed. Nothing held back any longer ever again. @jordantinling

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She doesn’t want to be “de-sexualized.” She wants to be de-shamed, de-fetishized, de-criminalized, normalized. Sexualize the fuck out of her. She wants to live in her own body and find a home in it. She wants to be sexualized as an individual human person, not as a collection of parts, replaceable, adjustable, mutable, to the infantile omnipotence of whatever this “patriarchy” bullshit is that makes her unrecognizable to herself and that tells her that the physical part– the most private, pleasurable part of her anatomy—is probably ugly and that she should probably apologize, probably be ashamed, that it smells, that it’s gross, that she’s dirty. Pls, give her pleasure, if she wants it, pls give her affection, if she wants it. Remember that she exists even when you’re not looking at her. @christinaalsing

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